Futures Fantasy Baseball

The Fantasy Game of
Minor League Baseball™

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Playing Futures Fantasy Baseball is easy. It's as simple as 123…!

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1 Sign Up

The first step is arguably the hardest, as choosing a name for your fantasy team can be one of the most stressful parts of playing fantasy sports. Choose poorly and you could get endlessly ridiculed by your buddies. Choose wisely and you'll be instantly revered as a fantasy guru. So choose a team name that best fits you, something clever, witty, or something so terrible it is truly epic!

Once you've got a team name, the rest of the sign up process is easy. Just click on Sign Up & Play from the navigation above. We do need some additional information, like an email address and a password so you can access your team from anywhere, and basic contact information in case we need to contact you about any prizes you may win, but that's it.

You'll also be given the chance to create or join a "buddy league", a custom league that you and your buddies can compete in together. There aren't any additional prizes for buddy leagues, but there is something quite satisfying about watching your team crush your friend's dreams of glory each week. Trust us.

2 Set Your Roster

Now that you've got your team signed up, you'll want to pick a lineup for the week. Think the Blue Wahoos have an easy schedule this week? Or that the starting pitcher for the Omaha Storm Chasers is going to be bringing the heat against the River Cats? Here's where you put that vast baseball knowledge to good use.

Set your roster from the top 100 MiLB™ players we've ranked for the week. Choose the best pitcher, catcher, infielders, 3 outfielders, and a utility player you think will score the most fantasy points this week from the list of available players, and you're well on your way to fantasy greatness. Just be sure you've got your roster set before the Monday selection deadline, or else you'll be stuck riding the pine for the week.

To help you pick the best players, we provide the list of upcoming games, past performance, and all the news and injury notes we can get our hands on for each player. Just keep an eye on your roster as the selection deadline approaches, or you could get stuck with a big fat zero for someone who gets thrown on the DL or gets called up to the bigs just before the deadline.

3 Win Great Prizes

Now that your roster is set for the week, just sit back and watch the points roll in. At the end of the week, if your team scores the most fantasy points, you win! It really IS that simple.

Made a bad choice on that catcher, or think you can find a better shortstop to use next week? Each week we re-evaluate the top 100 MiLB™ players, which means you'll need to come back every week to set a new lineup. Just be sure to have your roster set before the Monday selection deadline.

Season already started? Miss a week? No problem! We offer great prizes every week, and if you're gunning for the monthly prizes, we drop your lowest weekly score for the month. And remember, it only takes one good week for a chance at the Grand Prize!

The most important part of Futures Fantasy Baseball is to just have fun. Explore various roster combinations and strategies, compete with your buddies, and get a chance to win some great stuff while doing it. And who knows, maybe you'll end up winning it all!

So what are you waiting for? Sign Up & Play Futures Fantasy Baseball today!

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